Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding (SUP) tours in Argentina

SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) in Argentina tours are coming soon. We are currently developing 2 locations around Argentina to enjoy this amazing water sport. We will be able to offer tours to the UNESCO site, the Tigre Delta, as well as to the mountain lakes of Salta in the North West of Argentina. There will also be lessons available on the lakes of Buenos Aires for those who are staying longer in Argentina.



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About our SUP Tour

  • Camp is set up each day for you so all you have to concentrate on is relaxing and soaking up the exquisite scenery.
  • Guides & Interpreters - We have friendly interpreters to meet you at the airports to help with flight transfers & hotel check-in. A local guide will be present with you at all times on the river.
  • Safety - You will be supported on the river at all times by a safety raft and a cargo raft to transport all your equipment.
  • Camping - The camps are set up for you each night in advance so when you return its time to eat and relax under the night sky.
  • Meals  - Hotel meals and delicious camping asados (BBQ) are included.


Day trips also available ▸

SUP prices vary
Best time to visit
Between Oct & March
Tigre Delta & Salta

Interested? Call for more information

UK office +44 (0) 1244 940410
Argentine Office +54 91169092830

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