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Wing shooting tours in Argentina

The Outdoor Vibe is proud to work with some of the most exciting lodges in Argentina. Our outfitters have been running lodges for decades so know exactly what to offer to our clientele to ensure their stay is memorable. Wing Shooting in Argentina has been a mainstay of country life for generations and our guides are some of the most knowledgeable available.

We can offer wing shooting for Perdiz, Dove, Pigeon and Duck in Entre Rios & Cordoba. Exact tour itineraries are organised after speaking with yourself to ensure you are spending your time shooting as you wish. Time at the lodges can be spent targeting a single species or, if you prefer, each day can be arranged to hunt something new. It’s even possible to spend a day on the river fishing for the Golden Dorado, a renowned sports fish in South America known as “The River Tiger”.



The lodges are based in Entre Rios or Cordoba in the North of Argentina, only a short 2hr flight from Buenos Aires so your tour won’t be taken up with needless travel time. Their locations are also only a short trip from the airport in Santa Fe & Cordoba City and all shoots are conducted within a short walk/drive from the lodge. All lodges are fitted with WiFi and satellite tv so you can stay tuned in with the world if you so require. Our lodges are all of a high standard and come with en suite bathrooms, gun rooms and cleaning rooms as well as relaxing lounge areas and outdoor verandas. Read more about our accommodation


Highlights of our Shooting Tours

  • Cordoba is considered the dove shooting capital of the world.
  • The Eared doves are the size of the popular Mourning Dove in North America and their flocks can reach into the millions in size
  • Shooting is done over Sunflowers, Sorghum, and Millet or on the flight lines between feeding grounds and roosts.
  • The locations of the lodges mean that our guests can also see animals such as Cuis, Huron, Viscacha, Puma, Red Foxes and Eagles.
  • The lodges are all inclusive for all meals and drinks.


Day trips also available ▸
Shooting prices start from $550 per person
Best time to visit
Dove shooting is available all year round, Duck and Perdiz is only available between May and August
Entre Rios & Cordoba

Interested? Call for more information

UK office +44 (0) 1244 940410
Argentine Office +54 91169092830

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