Know your chukker from your taco

 Know your chukker from your taco.

Interested in Polo? Here are our top ten need to know’s about Argentinas most popular sport.

1. Taco: The taco pole is always in the right hand. Even left-handed players must comply with this rule. The block size (50 to 54 inches, about 1.30 m) is often proportional to the size of the horse.

2. Ball: The ball is white in wood or plastic and must weigh between 120 and 130 grams. Its diameter is from 76 to 89 mm.

3. Petisero: The person that takes care of the horses, the partner in everyday life, his trainer, and even his coach.

4. Tail: The tail of a horse polo is twisted, bent and tied, which prevents the hairs do not cling to the blocks of competitors.

5. Thirdman: The “third man” is the sole arbiter as to not be on horseback. Therefore, it is out of bounds.

6. Court: A polo field is 270 meters long and 145 meters. It is the largest sports stadium that can hold about five football fields.

7. Chukker: The Chukker is a period of a game (7 minutes). A game of polo has a minimum of four and a maximum of eight chukkers.

8. Players: A polo team consists of four players: number one is the attacker, the attacking midfielder number 2, number 3 and number 4 pivot defender or back.

9. Golden goal: When in some games, the two teams are tied, one additional chukker is played. The first team that scores a goal, wins and the game is over.

10. “Li-nea!” you often hear cries, this is the basic rule of polo. When a player hits the ball, the imaginary line that was created between him and the ball is yours. There is a formal prohibition (foul) for the opponent to cut the line. The corridor created by the line between the two players is impenetrable.

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