Leather Goods

Hurley Heritage

The Outdoor Vibe is able to offer a wide range of custom designed, handmade leather goods to complement your Argentine shooting adventure..



Our craftsman has decades of experience working with leather and specialising in hunting apparel and equipment and has worked with some of the biggest brands in shooting in the past.

All our pieces are made to measure and bespoke to your requirements and are produced ready for collection on your arrival in Argentina. We can tailor the measurements of the item to your needs including colour, material, additional features such as zip pockets and detailing as well as adding personal touches such as your initials into the piece.


Our range is made from the finest choice of buffalo or calfskin leather & includes;

  • Shotgun and rifle cases

  • Cartridge bags

  • Gun belts

  • Shoulder protectors


Interested? Call for more information

UK office +44 (0) 1244 940410
Argentine Office +54 91169092830

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